Why your next laptop is going to be 16-inches

Maybe asking for a 15" is wrong and should be wanting 16".
Something for the Framework team to decide upon, but please design a bigger chassis than the current 13". Thank you!


I’m unconvinced and I’m not a “road warrior.” I’m sold on the 13 inch size for use at home. My wife and I have always used 15 inch laptops, so I was nervous about going down to 13 inches with Framework (I actually argued against 13 inches at work when we did a big lifecycle replacement order this summer), but I immediately fell in love with the smaller size when I held it. My wife fell in love with it too. After just a few days with my Framework, the old 15 inch laptops feel too bulky. We can more easily keep these in a desk drawer when not in-use or charging, and more easily move around the house with them (between dining room, living room, kitchen, upstairs, patio, etc.).


Obviously this is very subjective, but in my experience, I’ve enjoyed my Framework enough to make it my daily driver, not only because of the quality and experience of using it, but because of its size.

My main driver before was my HP Spectre x360 15" which I love as a computer, but I found I kept defaulting to my MacBook Pro 13" work-provided laptop. I wasn’t sure if it was the size or experience until I got my Framework. Now my work laptop stays happily docked at my desk (along with my Spectre) while I tote my Framework around.

I don’t really pay much attention to tech sites or manufacturers’ statements (predictions/research/influence?) because again…subjectivity.

Having said that, if I didn’t have the option of monitors and was ever on the road, I’d use my Spectre regularly (but still probably keep the smaller form factor of the Framework with me for small tasks). Not sure there’s an easy answer, but a larger Framework option would probably be popular as well.


Biggest laptop I had was an 18" (kinda miss the number pad)… smallest was a netbook 10" or 11"… can’t remember… It all comes down to resolution and aspect ratio. If framework had gone with the 16:9 then 13" would have DEFINATLY been to small. My netbook was also way to small even though I could climb a ladder with it to test a display etc. I used to think I always preferred a media resolutions (widescreen) because I was used to it… framework showed me the way… I was VERY skeptical about this 3:2 thing but it is the easiest / best fit / size laptop I have ever had… I CANNOT see myself using a 15" or even a 16" again! Besides… it’s the point sustainability… I plan on keeping this chassis as long as possible… and I love that fact that even though I daily drive it and can be harsh to it at times that I have the option to get replacement parts in the market place if I “F” it up :stuck_out_tongue:

in short… Nahhhh… NO 16"!


Hm, that’s doubtful. Actually, one of the reasons I put my framework pre-order is that new macs are only 14" and 16". And 14" is still too small for me (without external monitor), while 16" is huge. I don’t commute with my laptop everyday, but it’s still much more convenient to carry a sub-2-kg laptop, so 15" is my personal standard. If it’s with 16:10 screen instead of 16:9, then it’s just perfect! So I’m really sad that Apple doesn’t have this golden middle anymore.

I really hope that Framework will jump into the portable, but yet powerful 15" niche, not 16". With repairability and modularity in mind this will be my machine of a dream.


Interestingly, (other than my framework) I have two favorite laptops… my 16 Inch Macbook Pro, and the 11 inch (or 12 inch?) macbook.

For the “always take with me” size, even 13 inch is too big. 10-11 Inch or so would be perfect - and the priority is good battery life for this unit, for the “usually stays at home”, 16-17 inch is good, and focus is on better specs.

For now I know Framework cannot afford to release lots of SKUs, and 13 inch is not a bad size. I wish it has a 4K OLED instead of the LCD it does, but the color is actually really good, and I understand that they had to make a decision and move on. I think we all need to be patient before we start asking for different sizes, processors, displays, etc. They still need to get up to economies of scale on this existing model first.

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I love my 13" Batch 4 machine, but I will very, very strongly consider buying a 15 or 16" model once they’re available simply for the ability to have discrete GPU capabilities! It would also be nice to have a larger battery for extended battery life. And yeah, a bigger screen is kinda nice for extended sessions - especially if they can get a good quality screen like they’ve done with the 13 – love the screen on it! I also wouldn’t mind a second internal NVMe slot. Edit: oh yeah, and louder speakers. :slight_smile:


I think 16 would be a bit big for this screen ratio. I’d like something a little bigger (14 or 15), but also I like the box design of the original google pixel. It would fit more batteries without a size increase I’d think due to the cutaways near the front. I’d prefer a slightly larger laptop, more battery, and actually less TDP personally. Maybe even a fanless design. A discrete gpu is the last thing I want.

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I had a measuring tape near by and with and my 15.6" HP with its thick bezels actually measures about 17.2" from corner to corner. This is the frame size I have become accustomed to as 15".
With today’s smaller bezels, 16" (or even bigger) would easily fit into the same size factor. Now I can’t even imagine how small 13" is with small bezels… must be tiny.


This is a great point. Today at work I was looking at a new 13 inch HP EliteBook with a 16:9 aspect ratio on someone’s desk, and it did look too small. The 3:2 aspect ratio is much better, and it did help me pull the trigger to order a Framework when I was concerned about going down from 15 inches.


@patch, regarding our difference on the interest in a discrete GPU, I think that’s one excellent thing about the Framework philosophy. Ideally, we each could outfit our rigs with a board fit for purpose in whatever form factor. Discrete GPU would definitely come at a cost which some have no desire for. Also good point about the aspect ratio on the screen. That could be something where various panel options fit the bill. I’m not super particular either way. My main work laptop has a 15" 16:10 HD display and it’s well suited to me, though I’m sure anyone doing video editing or a programmer with better eyes might require more. I know in some other threads on here there have been desires for other native resolutions for other reasons too, e.g. to scale more cleanly on Linux.

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As a software developer, having extra coding space is extremely useful. Acting like your use case is the only one is a bit close-minded. 16:9 gives extra room for panels while also keeping the code window large enough to see what is being worked on before stuff falls off the edge of the screen. It’s generally agreed in the software world that something around 16:9 is preferable and not providing that as an option is being quite dismissive of a huge group of users.

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I see your point there, but also heard quite a few times that 3:2 is better for coding because you can see more lines at ones - so it doesn’t seem like the debate is decided yet.

Furthermore I wouldn’t see it as dismissive, given the fact you have to start with a one product at the time.
I’m sure they took their time to decide which is best for what they had in mind. It is also not like they owe anyone to make more options if they don’t feel like it. Of course it is nicer to have the choice but that doesn’t mean it is our ‘right’ as a consumer to get it.

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Yes, 16:9 is great for media content and gaming and as I have mentioned before I thought I preferred it as well, however 3:2 is way better for coding and documents now that I have it and I prefer the smaller size for carrying… would hate 16:9 myself on the laptop now… that’s what external monitors are for! LOL

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16 inch 3:2? Let’s up all the other manufacturer’s games up!

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To be honest I don’t like the idea of “why your next laptop should be this / should have this”. This article it’s just advertising, in my opinion, and there is no such ideal form factor: everyone has its own preferences, needs or necessities, and therefore everyone should choose whatever finds convienient, and not just what is “trendy”.
That said, I do welcome variety, and I think that Framework should offer (in the future) an alternative form factor for its product, as well as different screen options for each form factor. 16’’ 3:2 or 16:10 may be quite convenient, but there will always be people asking for 15.6’’ or 17’’ just because they’re used to it and they don’t want to change (fair enough to me!).
But, to be honest, I don’t think that Framework should beome too fragmented; instead of trying to do everything, it should keep focusing on doing a few things, doing them well, and keep pushing for modularity and openness: there is, and there will always be, the chance that a third party will develop a different laptop shell where the Framework mainboard can be mounted. Just saying.