Xubuntu 21.10 failing to shut down completely (with solved aside about i2c_designware)

Since upgrading from Xubuntu 21.04 to Xubntu 21.10 (via do-release-upgrade), the laptop fails to shut down all the way when I tell it to power off. I see the Xubuntu spinning circle for just a couple seconds, and then the spinning circle hangs, but with the display still on and the power-button LEDs still lit. After a while, I press and hold the power button (for a long time) and the laptop eventually powers off, and I see no errors or warnings on the next boot.

I have

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i915.enable_psr=0 mem_sleep_default=deep"

in /etc/default/grub.

I wasn’t able to find anything obviously related in kern.log (although I did see some stuff I didn’t expect about level 3 sleep, despite having told the system to power off rather than suspend), but (probably unrelatedly) I found tens of thousands of lines like this:

Jan  8 13:46:53 ariadne kernel: [  539.220523] i2c_designware i2c_designware.2: timeout waiting for bus ready

at times when the system was up and running normally.

I gather that’s an issue with the touchpad, but it doesn’t seem to be causing actual problems (other than filling /var/log/kern with gigabytes of junk). EDIT: I’m pretty sure this was just becuase I forgot to re-disable PS/2 mouse emulation in the BIOS after upgrading to 3.07. Contra what I said, the touchpad didn’t work after resuming from suspend until I disabled PS/2 emulation, and having done that it looks like there are no new i2c_designware timeout issues in the logs.

Does the failure to power down ring a bell with anybody?

One possibly relevant thing is that I have openafs modules installed (so a networked filesystem that may want to talk to the network while it’s shutting down and unmounting). But in 20.04 that shut down smoothly and the system powered off. Another possibly relevant thing is that Xubuntu 21.10 (as opposed to regular Ubuntu, I gather) still uses Xorg rather than Wayland.

PS — On a meta note, it might be nice to have tags for distros, versions of them, and/or desktop environments. The subject line of this post is clear, but it seems like it would be handy to be able to see all posts about Ubuntu 21.10, or all posts about Debian 11, or all posts about KDE, in one place.

Data point: sudo shutdown -f works as expected (no spinning circle with xubuntu logo, hanging or not, just a fairly rapid full power off). Haven’t tried it yet but I presume sudo reboot -f would also succeed.