Zoom out Windows


I have a Windows 11 on my framework 13. I can zoom in with Ctrl + “+” but when I want to zoom out with Ctrl + “-” it’s impossible. I have tried a multitude of combinations but nothing works. Could you give me the shortcut to zoom out on the framework?


Zooming out is not Laptop, but program specific. Therefore Ctrl + “-” is always the shortcut for zooming out, if the program you are using supports it.
There are two possible cause that spontaneously come to my mind for your Issus:

  • Your Windows language setting does not match your keyboard layout.
  • The Programm shortcut for zooming out is set to something else

To such a degree that my Raspberry pi with a Cherry keyboard does work that way.

So does it not work on any application or just some?

I did notice a discrepancy on my Win 11 on an app or two, so will try and find them.

My Win11 on Gen 11

  • Firefox is fine including showing PDFs
  • Openoffice Presentations: [+] > Nothing [-] > closes to edit

HI @TiKay,

Thanks for your reply. I have a FRENCH AZERTY keyboard…
For example now i can’t zoom out Obsidian and can’t work correctly

Thanks for your reply.

It is general. On brave i can do Ctrl + “+” to zoom in but Ctrl + “-” to zoom out doesnt work. Same for Obsidian and other app.

MAJ : I found Ctrl + “0” command