Zorin OS Installation Question (for Linux Newbies)

I’m very new to Linux and have only used macOS for the past decade. And I want to know if the new Zorin OS Pro can be installed and that if it works well? I would like to use the Framework Laptop to fully move away from Apple to Linux with Zorin OS.

Has anyone installed this distro? I would love some feedback on this and if someone can, a step by step instructional would be greatly appreciated (along with steps to fix any issues).

I’ve read that some distros may have some WiFi or Bluetooth issues. I wanted to know if Frameworks’ hardware works well with Zorin OS after a normal standard installation going from Windows to Linux, as one normally does on any other computer.

(I’m still learning about Linux and have never used the terminal to do anything until now, but I am willing to continue learning and trying new things).


It looks like the latest version of Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu 20.04, which means any problems with Ubuntu 20.04 on the hardware will be had with Zorin OS as well. Specifically, it ships with the 5.11 Linux Kernel, which has the wifi issue mentioned in other threads: Using the AX210 with Linux on the Framework Laptop
with a potential fix mentioned here: [Guide] Install Intel Wireless Drivers on Linux

If you install Zorin and follow the steps to get wifi working, and it still doesn’t work, there are a number of people in the community (me included) who have our own methods of getting that working, so feel free to ask for more help.

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I briefly used Zorin OS on my FW. No issues at all to install.

I had some initial multi-touch difficulties (I too am coming from a MacOS laptop so multi-touch gestures are a must) but those were easily resolved with some quick googling and installing the Touché GUI app from the store within Zorin.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get the fingerprint reader to work. Fingerprint scanner compatibility with linux (ubuntu, fedora, etc) was helpful but ultimatly didn’t get the scanner working and moved on.

I didn’t opt for the wifi6 card directly from FW, used an older Broadcom card I had laying around. Since this was some older hardware I didn’t have any issues with wifi, but there are guides as asonix suggested that should get you there if you have problems.

Finally, there were two issues that really got me to change OS (I’m currently on Windows but that might change).

  1. There was considerably screen tearing in videos. Never dug into how to fix but obviously some sort of graphics driver issue.

  2. Laptop seemed to not actually go to sleep when the lid was closed. Bottom of laptop was way too warm after being stored in my laptop bag for a few hours when it should have been asleep. Also never dug into this problem.

It’s def. worth giving ZorinOS a shot. It is a live installer so you can always take it for a spin before committing to disk. (The “Core” version appears to only remove some interface options and “premium” software that you’ll probably not use unless this is a work machine for you.) It’s a good looking interface with a ton of customizability features. I’m a fan but still doing a bit of OS flipping around with this new machine.


Yeah those issues you mentioned and battery life are also the reasons why I’m still on Windows instead of Zorin on my Framework. Zorin is fantastic for desktops though

If Zorin is based on Ubuntu you can install the hwe kernel (hardware enablement) from later versions which basically gives you a newer kernel for more hardware support.

apt search hwe should show them up.

Apparently there might not be a newer hwe kernel until the next LTS release.