Fingerprint scanner compatibility with linux (ubuntu, fedora, etc)

Hi there,

I’m just wondering if the fingerprint scanner has been tested to be compatible with linux. Fingerprint scanners have historically had hit-or-miss compatibility on linux due to a lack of drivers, and was wondering if the fingerprint scanner has been tested.


No, at least not right out of the box, but it sounds like there may be a compatible driver out there:


Has there been any indication of the make/model of the fingerprint sensor?

I would like info on this as well. I put in my DIY Framework pre-order. I plan on running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Currently, I’m using a 13" Dell XPS 7390 which has a Goodix fingerprint reader. Goodix is not friendly to Linux. Some of their fingerprint readers have linux drivers, some not - it’s a total crap-shoot. Needless to say, the reader in the 7390 doesn’t have a linux driver.

What brand (and model would be nice, too) is the Framework fingerprint reader?

We have a Goodix fingerprint sensor, but it is one that there is a Linux driver for.


Yep have a Goodix on the 1 Netbook Onemix 3pt I have and the sensor works fine under Linux. (Only tried Ubuntu 20.04)