11th gen and "Power on AC attach" doesn't work with no battery

Latest 3.10 bios. Trying to make the motherboard turn on whenever power is applied. “Power on AC attach” option is turned on in bios. If battery is connected to motherboard, this works as expected. If battery is NOT connected to the motherboard, after power is plugged into usb-c socket the light on the side lights up but motherboard does not turn on. It can be turned on manually, but not automatically. Is this expected?

Played around with it more. With no battery, when external power is plugged in, the CPU fan does spin up and the motherboard does go through the usual blinking startup, but there is never any video output. At this point I can turn mobo off and on and video shows up then. This is still unfortunate, since it doesn’t “just” work.

Hi @snaar ,

The best approach is to open a support ticket so we can help get this resolved for you. Since our support staff focus on resolving issues of this nature in a ticket form, this is going to be the recommended course of action.


I think I’m just going to give up to save time, since the board is out of warranty anyway. The fan on the board today doesn’t even spin up and diagnostic leds blink red on “Power Good VCCIN_AUX”, so I assume it’s just dead.