BIOS Resetting, only powers on when attached to power adapter

I am having an issue where my PC won’t power on unless the power adapter is attached (even though the battery is at 100%), and the BIOS settings get reset every couple of days or so. Based on my snooping around the forum, it seems like this is probably and issue with the CMOS battery/circuit. Does anyone know of a long-term fix for this issue? I am currently on the newest BIOS (3.10). I use my laptop almost every day (not on the weekends sometimes) so it is not like it is sitting for long periods of time or anything.

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You don’t say but I’m assuming it’s the 11Gen, which has a questionable Intel chip.

The latest BIOS is 3.17 but it won’t solve the issue.

Regarding your use: using your laptop every day will not necessarily charge the ML1220 (CMOS/RTC) battery. It will require more like two hours a day or 9 hours a week or a good 24 hour stint to get the ML1220 fully charged.

So try leaving it plugged in for a day.

You could also check the ML1220 voltage especially on one on the times it does not power on without ‘mains’


This has also happened to me, charging probably won’t help. You need to reset the mainboard by disconnecting both batteries, then charge for a day or so. It appears that when the board enters this bad state the CMOS battery won’t charge. Last time it happened to me I charged for many hours, but still needed to connect to power to switch on. I took the CMOS battery out and it measured 0.5v. After resetting the board and charging for several hours, the CMOS battery read 2.8v.

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The latest released BIOS is 3.10, 3.17 is still in Beta, but is the newest BIOS available. It is true that there have been no changes made in 3.17 that would change this behavior of the CMOS battery though.

I upgraded to 3.17 for the fun of it- it seems to be intermittent, today everything worked as expected.
I leave the laptop plugged into a dock 8-10 hours, so I don’t think it’s because I am not plugging it in enough.

If it happens again, would replacing the CMOS battery be the next step? That, or I’ll upgrade to a 12th gen and use this 11th gen board for something fun :grin:

Do you have any indication that the dock is powering the laptop properly during those 8 to 10 hours?


  • You can try a new ML1220 as that is not an expensive try. Have you checked the ML1220 voltage and power it via mains for 24h not a dock?
  • Buying a new ~ 12Gen is an expensive option and then what are you going to use the 11th gen for. If it is a router, a very expensive one, you could at least have it plugged in 24/7 and not worry about the ML122o