Laptop Won't Turn on Without External Power

I’m not sure if this is a repeat or not, but I couldn’t seem to find this exact situation in any other discussions.

Despite my laptop having battery power (> 60%), pressing and/or holding the power button does nothing. No lights, no sounds, etc.

However, plugging in the laptop into an external source (via the charger), the power button then lights up and it appears to charge. At this point, I can either press the power to start it up, or unplug the laptop then press power to start it up. Either way, for some reason, it seems the laptop will only boot up when plugged into an external source, even if only for 3 seconds…

This situation seems to occur every time the laptop has been closed for at least a few hours (shut down, sleeping, etc.)

Any help is appreciated!

Do you have 11th gen intel? This sounds like a dead RTC battery that is common for that generation. If so, you can request a new RTC battery from support for free

One way to check is to boot into bios and see if the bios clock reset when you first boot your computer after the problem occurs.

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Ahh, yes. I do have an 11th gen intel.
I just did a restart and the clock is wrong as expected, so I think you’re right about that being the issue. Thanks!

And if you changed any BIOS settings, those are lost as well.

M1120 Cell, rechargeable only.

Just replaced mine