1260p mainboard for sale

Are we allowed to use the forum for reselling framework parts? I did not see any prohibitions in the community guidelines, but apologies if this somehow falls afoul of them.

I have a 1260p mainboard that I no longer need and would like to resell. I would like to get $400 for it, but can negotiate on price. I’ll pay shipping in the US, and and can throw in an AX210 wifi card if the buyer needs that as well.

I received the mainboard from Framework in August, 2022, and therefore believe it is still under whatever warranty the mainboards come with. I replaced the original thermal paste with Noctua NT-H2 and the original thermal pads with Gelid “Extreme” .5mm and 2.0mm thermal pads.

It is 100% allowed to sell here. A PSA for all buyers and sellers, only use PayPal Goods and Services. It protects both you and the other party and the cut isn’t that bad.


have you sold or still available?