[RESPONDED] Is the framework laptop supports external GPU?

Hi everyone, I juste want to know if Framework laptop support external GPU, and if yes what external gup do you recommend me ?
Thanks !

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you can search for eGPU to find a lot of answers!

Oh thanks I will search so It mean that framework support egpu

Yes. I use a 3080 Founders Edition with my 11th gen and it works great.

i used my 2070 super in the razer core x chroma with my 12th gen (windows 11) and it worked great too. quick note that the 2070 super is the limit for the razer case in size. bigger cards won’t fit :slight_smile:

I’m using the Razer Core X Chroma with an AMD (OEM) Radeon RX6950XT, easy install, fits without issue. You’ll have to undo one of the cable ties to connect the power to the card (they come tied to the side exhaust fan.

12th Gen i7-1280P on Ubuntu 22.04.1
Stock LTS graphics drivers baked into the kernel work relatively ok (YMMV with team green :face_vomiting:)

I noticed a microsecond pause that occured intermittently on the stock drivers. I thought it may be interference with my BT mouse/keyboard because I only noticed it while using the mouse… Anyway… Read on

I did upgrade to the 6.1 kernel
sudo apt install linux-oem-22.04c
and Mesa to version 23.x following Jean-Marc_Le_Roux suggestion and it eliminated the issue and gave more FPS in the end.

If you’re going Linux on the 12th gen I don’t think the egpu-switcher is necessary anymore. The ONLY issue regarding the actual TB connection is during boot. As many have mentioned, don’t have it plugged in on boot, I wait till I get logged in completely.

I get about 30-35fps on X-Plane 12 with default settings. 60-120fps (depending on chunks loading) on Minecraft with max settings.

I don’t really play any triple A games on PC anymore.

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Knowing which operating system helps us help you.

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Just chiming in here, im using a 12th gen i5-1240p framework with openSUSE tumbleweed and a Razer X Core with an RX5500XT and i can confirm that the eGPU works. As a matter of fact, in my experience coming from a T480 its even more stable.

I somehow haven’t considered that it wouldn’t work, but good to see that it works :smiley:. I ordered a Razer Core X last week that should arrive monday or tuesday because I have a desktop card laying around and I wanted to give it a try.
I’m curious how the 12th Gen pairs with a GTX1080Ti :slight_smile:.

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Should be good too…

Just a quick update from my side :slight_smile:.
The GTX 1080 Ti works fine with a Razer Core X eGPU case but understandably (since it can only use 4 PCIe lanes instead of the full 16) has significantly less performance than in a desktop-PC.

Here are some 3Dmark-benchmarks using the 1080 Ti with the 12th Gen i7 1280P framework laptop. As a reference I also added the desktop-PC it was used in before and the framework with IGP.

3Dmark FireStrike:
Result (3dmark.com)

3Dmark TimeSpy:
Result (3dmark.com)

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Why it use only 4 CPU lan and is this possible Tu use the full potential of the graphic card !

@Louis_Volat because Thunderbolt 3/4 does only transmit PCIe x4 3.0 (which is already pretty fast for an external interface).