12th Gen Intel: BIOS Delay Frustrations

I don’t even have a 12th gen Intel machine, but I thought I’d start this thread so that folks would have a place other than the official BIOS thread to discuss their thoughts on the 12th gen BIOS situation without constantly pinging the official BIOS thread with non-updates.

Try not to get too out of hand, or I suspect this thread will get shut down. Mods, if you want to move some of the existing posts from the official thread over here, I think that would be fine.

I’ll add my $0.02 as someone who doesn’t have a 12th gen machine. Hopefully a new BIOS is released soon and this is a short-lived thread. In the meantime, if you have thoughts/feedback/etc. on the situation, I think this would be a better place for it than in the official BIOS thread. Cheers!

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