Remote power on options (docks etc.)

Most manufacturers offer docks with a power button, so you can place the laptop out of the way but still turn it on without having to open it up.

Does Framework offer anything like that?

Unfortunately there is no standard for remote power buttons, so every dock is proprietary to that manufacturer.

Something like wake-on-keyboard that works from power off with an always-on USB port would do the trick.

Not yet

Thanks. That’s a shame, and a bit of a pain.

You could build a single-key keyboard with that key being the power button…

Might work…

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On the Framework 16 you might be able to wake it through the PCIe interface on the Expansion Bay

I’m sure it can be hacked, it would just be nice to have something like Wake-on-USB that works with a standard USB keyboard, since there is no official dock.

I have a dell 180W dock with power button.
Once the beast here, I can test it out :wink:


Thanks Jorg, very much appreciated. I don’t think it will work, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve got a thinkpad dock with a power button at work. I’ll give it a shot when my batch 1 arrives.

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Thanks RandomRanger.

I’ve got a couple of different ThinkPad docks here for work. I wouldn’t hold out much hope of them working - relies on special sauce in the BIOS IIRC only found on ThinkPads.

Indeed, there is no standard so they are all manufacturer specific.

The Thinkpad P16v is looking tempting, and definitely supports both dock power buttons and OPAL encryption for SSDs. And it’s available now. I’d like to hang on for the Framework, but it’s not easy.

I’m with ya. I’m really interested in the 16 Gen 2 (AMD), I’ve put my configuration into their web tool a few times now. It’s like $800 cheaper to get the machine I want that way. But I’m in batch 1 which should only be a few weeks away and I really want to support Framework… so I’m holding on best I can lol.

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Yeah, the gen 2 AMD, already discounted and last year they did some pretty good Black Friday deals. As much as I love the idea of Framework, the P16v could be a lot cheaper, has two full size NVMe slots, has two USB4 ports at the back (more convenient for me), and I’ve been quite happy with their laptops in the past.

The downsides are 2 fewer ports and not upgradable.

Batch 1 is great, although from the sounds of it you will be waiting a while as they are having manufacturing issues.

The 13 has a power detected power on feature in the BIOS I use it all the time. Tap the power button on the dock and off she goes.

Hard to imagine the 16 BIOS wont have a similar feature. And it works even if I shut down and don’t power the dock off. I just turn the dock off and then turn it on when I’m ready to go again.
I keep my 13 in a notebook stand in a tent position to help cooling. I go weeks without ever removing it from the stand.


Thanks Larry, that’s very interesting!

So I guess your dock doesn’t pass through power until it is turned on, right? So you are using the “power on when charger connected” feature?

Yes I can turn my dock off and on. Powers off the dock and the TB4 cable connected to the 13 also supplies power to the computer

The bio feature is something I accidentally came across and it works great. The only caveat is when you are off the dock keep in mind the computer does not know that and if you plug in the power supply the you need to immediately hit the power button to shut down if you don’t want to boot up.

Now one thing I now recognize is the massive power brick this requires. I wonder if 2 are plugged in how that might work with the dock but if everything is connected to the same power strip you could just turn the power strip off and on for the same effect. i actually do that in my second office because that dock does not have a on/off button.

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i plan on using my Dell wd19s which has a 240watt psu and is capable of passing 130 watts and i will only need the 100/130 watt my XPS needs for now…i hoped it could pass 180 but apparently dell doesn’t pass 180 except on the wd19dc(dual connector) my 240 came with my WD15 that the WD19 replaced but kept the bigger psu to keep my xps happy.

Cbigfoot, I think many docks that can pass up to 100W only support the older Power Delivery spec. Lenovo make some 130W ones, but they are proprietary and only pass 90W to non-Lenovo machines.

The new 240W Power Delivery spec is quite new, so a lot of stuff doesn’t support it.

Kuro68k, yeah i know its an older PD model but it does pass the 100/130 watt to some non-dells my friends 2019 MBP is plenty happy on the dock (now it doesn’t say what its pulling but the UPS says 110 when charging the battery pulls ~140 on my xps when rapid charging) and had a HP that i hooked up to it and it accepted all 130 per bios. (I was being cheap when buying the WD19 and bought the one with the 130 watt acadapter (delivers 90 max) as i had a 240watt adapter that came with my WD15 and it delivered 130 watt through the dock.

dell with the WD19 started shipping 180 watt adapters to deliver 130w to computer and up to ~30watt for USB and rest for its chipsets with the WD19 dock but charged at the time a $70-80 premium but has now come way down…

we will see what it does when i get it. but here is hoping!