12th Mainboard shipping estimate Germany

Hi guys,
I am planning to get a 12th gen mainboard and I was wondering if anyone has ordered one in europe (especially Germany). I didnt find anything on the marketplace on shipping time. Is this also in batches as the complete laptop?

Thanks for your help

I’m just curious why I can’t order one to my address in Spain? What’s the explanation for that? I live a 30 minute drive from the border, I might just have to have it shipped to a Friend on the border town on the French side. What is this silliness?

@devryd While there may be other German users on the forum who would know the answer to this, the fastest way that you would get an answer to your question would be to contact support. They will be able to answer your question directly.

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@Stewart_L While your question is off topic from the initial post, Framework has stated before that selling to different countries is not as simple as it may seem.

First off, Framework has a separate company doing the shipping of the Framework Laptop, and each new country they sell in have different local laws that Framework has to ensure they can conform to. Along with all of that, Framework wants to be sure that their support and documentation is accessible to all of their customers, requiring that they have translations for local languages, and technical support staff that are nearby.

If they only sold the laptop to parts of Spain that were near the border, that would be unfair to people living in areas that are not, so Framework is working to roll out sales to entire countries, but that takes time and resources. I can bet that they really want to sell Laptops everywhere to users who want to buy them, but if things were that simple Framework would have been shipping worldwide from the start!


Thats what I did, I just thought, maybe someone also has experience.
If it helps anyone, support says, that the new board should ship within 3-6 weeks

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