Q's on delivery and final assembly

Hi. So I’m planning to order DIY 13th gen 13 inches Framework laptop with Intel Core i7 1360P. After I make the pics for all the parts on the website, it says that the order will be shipped in 5 days no preorder necessary. I live in Germany. Is the shipping time actually 5 days for Germany at the current point in time? Secondly, does Framework assemble all laptops in Taiwan even for consumers in the EU region? You see, I have a no-Chinese-products rule for myself and this is mostly a privacy concern. Will the final assembly of my laptop take place in Taiwan only? No Chinese factories involved? I don’t care for the country of origin of the laptop parts, only for the final assembly stage. Thanks in advance

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Me too! Similarly I don’t like to support China, but have no problem with Taiwan :slight_smile:

The laptop is made and assembled in Taiwan :slight_smile:


I am in the UK. The FedEX tracking had it starting in Taiwan, then the intermediate steps were:

  1. Philippines
  2. China
  3. India
  4. Dubai
  5. France
  6. UK

FedEx picked FW16 up in Taiwan on day 1, it arrived in UK on day 4.
I think there is a LTT youtube video showing the production line in Taiwan.

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Laptops are assembled in Taiwan. 5 Business says is the shipment preparation time, basically shipment leaves our facilities within 5 business days after you order it, it takes a few days/a week to arrive in Europe, according to previous reports from our European customers.

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Thanks. And just in case. The shipping for 13th gen 13 inch Intel i7-1360P DIY has not been impeded because of the new ultra lineup preorders, right? It is still 5 days for assembly plus up to a week for delivery?

nope, it’s not affected. it should be shipped within the timeframe mentioned in the website (up to 5 business days for most orders). shipping time depends on many different factors we can’t really control, if it gets stuck in the customs, it might take longer than a week.

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From my experience and what I’ve read here, they need up to 5 days to prepare shipping (probably less, normal is maybe 1-3 days) and then the laptop will take an additional 2-4 days to arrive from Taiwan. So your laptops arrives in around one week if you’re lucky. In two weeks if unlucky.

The laptop assembly is in Taiwan for all regions.

Thanks! A quick question. For DIY options one may opt not to include a power adapter when making an order. What am I opting out of exactly? Will I still receive a charging brick and cord? Or do I have to procure the whole charger myself in such a case?

That is the brick and cord :slight_smile: ‘the charger’

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Thanks a ton. Yeah, big brain me, sorry. English isn’t my mother tongue, hence blanking on the terminology sometimes

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You’ll get neither a cable nor the power adapter (brick) in that case. I already had several USB-PD chargers from previous laptops, so I didn’t get the Framework one.

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Roger that. Thanks mate!

I ordered on last Sunday (13 AMD kit variant). It arrived Wednesday here in Vermont. Crazy fast luck on that.


I think it was a great question :wink: