13th gen preorder with matte display?

I assume it’s not possible to preorder the 13th gen with a matte screen instead?

Would be quite wasteful to order it just to replace it immediately

Actually, all 13th gen and AMD Ryzen models will be coming with a Matte screen, which is the default from now on. (Although the glossy screen is still for purchase)

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Ah, perfect!

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Ah, if it comes with the default as matte, that makes the upgrade decision more complex. I was debating between:

  1. Upgrading and using the old mainboard as a server
  • matte screen ($180)
  • top cover ($90)
  • keyboard ($40)
  • amd motherboard ($450)
  • coolermaster mainboard case ($40)
  • Total $800
  1. Buying a new machine
  • DIY AMD $850

Spare laptops are always nice as a backup though.

So how do you then preorder one with a glossy screen instead?

Do we have to buy a matt screen and a glossy screen and then throwing the matt screen away?

Is this the sustainable framework thought :smiley: ?

Unfortunately, I think it once again comes down to limiting the number of SKUs they have to build, stock and ship. Every either/or option they add doubles the number of SKUs and that exponential growth can add up in a hurry. I imagine they gauged the demand for matte vs. glossy over the years and made the decision to go with matte from here on out as the default.

I can understand this is annoying for those who prefer glossy and I know it feels like a waste to have to order a second screen. On the other hand, nobody is forced to order a second screen, but the option is there for those who want to. Everything is a bit of a compromise when you are dealing with limited money, limited warehouse space, limited production lines, etc.

Unfortunately, sometimes the consumer may have to compromise a little as well. Maybe sell the matte screen to someone with a busted screen. Or trade the matte screen for someone’s glossy screen who wants matte. Or keep it as a spare, just in case. Or, make do with a superior, matte screen, lol.