What you think about 2 in 1?

Hello, my comrades, i still use thinkpad x230 tablet now. This machine is easy to disassemble and repair, and any parts are easy to find, I think it can work forever. The Express card slot is also somewhat reminiscent of the framework module. You can connect additional usb or egpu. But the processor is still a bit outdated, and I don’t have much free time to design a new motherboard. So I believe your project is my only option for computational freedom. However, there is one problem: it is important for me to be able to use the laptop as a tablet, preferably with a built-in pen. This raises the question not only of the screen, but also the design of the machine itself, so that it can bend or rotate to get a tablet mode. Does the team have the desire and ability to develop the next generation of the framework in this direction? Or is it not an important and uninteresting topic for the community, that you can not think about it? If anyone has an opinion on this, please share. I want know what community think. Thanks.

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They may be working on it or they may not. Nobody here can (or will) tell you. I can tell you there is significant user interest in 2 in 1 form factors. Plenty of discussion elsewhere. Not much else to say tbh.