2 in 1 monitor?

This is more of a feature request. But how about a 2 in 1 screen for either of the framework laptops? Could use a design like the Acer Concept D Ezel. I don’t think it’d need a new hinge design for something like that. Assuming it’s not patented though.


Initially, I was going to hold out on an order till a touch screen option was available. Wasn’t certain if a 360 screen hinge would work with the current chassis design. I just put in for a 16 pre-order with the hope that a touch screen option comes out down the road.

These newer “ezel” screen designs found on the acer concept and the microsoft surface studio would be a perfect fit for the pre-existing 16 inch framework chassis design.

I hope touchscreens are the next feature framework plans to bring to market. It’s really the only other feature I’d want in a unit like this.


Honestly really don’t like 360 designs. Acer and the surface have superior designs.


I’ve owned a surface with the lightweight keyboard and a 360 laptop. The easel definitely seems like an improvement, looks more convenient and easier to handle.


I really hope that if touchscreens will be added, the ezel/double hinge geometry will be used. It seems vastly superior to other convertible designs and easier to implement into the existing Laptops

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I never liked the 360 designs because of the keyboard in the back when used as a tablet. This design is nice because it solves that issue. Would be cool as a direct replacement to the current FW display lid, especially when they get around to releasing a touch screen.

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I currently daily drive a 2in1 360 laptop. It’s ok, but there are A LOT of disadvantages compared to the surface studio laptop or acer concept d designs. I would easily pay 200$ more for a framework with pen support and a hinge like those. Missing touchscreen and a pen input, as a software engineering student, is the only thing that keeps me from buying a framework right now.
Sorry for the “useless” comment, but I think this topic deserves to be seen as much as possible!

While I totally understand the sentiment of Framework needing to walk before they can run, I do hope some of the ideas the community has given ends up being used when they finally running full steam ahead.

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