Framework 16 Needs

I am looking forqard to the release of the Framework 16 and all of the new features it has. I can’t wait to get one of my own. That being said, there are some things that they need to add for at least future models (at least for DIY). 1) We need at least a touchscreen option! As a CAD developer, artist and software developer, this is a must have! It does not need to be standard, but please come out with a touchscreen replacement beacuse that is really important. 2) We need a 360° hinge so we can use our laptop in other orientations, especially tablet mode. 3) Assuming we get both of the previous petitions as an option or an upgrade, we really need a smart pen option. Not like a gas station stylus, like an Apple Pencil or S Pen. 4) We should have a second touchscreen padlike the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 Laptop. Even better, create a new system that has two full 16" screens, and the bottom one can have the keyboard, so you can chamge the language on your keyboard, the color, font, style, etc. and still have that second screen. Nobody has this, and that would be sooo cool to have as an option in the future. This fourth one is not near as important. but Framework, please, I am begging you, give us at least these first 3 as an option on future models

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A 360° hinge seems like it would be fundamentally incompatible with the expansion bay design.


360 doesnt really happen for a laptop this size. On the 13 its possible.

The form from framework would hardly be better than nonrepairable ‘thin’ ones from top brands, both r&d resource and modular approch prevents that to happen.

Framework can only convert an average existing form factor to an upgradable form factor, basically 800gram laptops(b9450) or ultrathin performance laptop(flowx13/z13) cant happen. It will always look more like a lenovo legion than legion slim, which is already impressive


As the others have said, there can’t be a 360 degree hinge because of design constraints. You could probably get a 16" 16:10 touch screen panel as an aftermarket part but there would likely be eDP incompatibilities.

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360° hinge is, IMO, a dumb design…because after flipping the display 360°, you’re required to flip the entire unit 180°. All you really need is a 180° flip.

Sony Vaio, Acer, Microsoft, Dell…etc they’ve all done the 180° flip (fold) display in some shape or form. And this design wouldn’t be affected the the dGPU module either (mechanically speaking). It’s been done on anything from 13 to 16 inches laptops (that I know of).

“We need a 360° hinge so we can use our laptop in other orientations, especially tablet mode” - The 360° hinge is a [potential] design, not a “need”.


I just bought an Asus laptop with 360° hinge because I need both a laptop and a tablet with E.M.R. pen support. If Framework sells a model with that feature, I will definitely buy it. 16" preferred to 13" but probably either way. Incidentally, I will be returning the Asus because its keyboard has awful debounce mechanics…

Damn, just realised that IBM Thinkpad 360P already had this back in 1994:

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Why not a hinge like this cheap laptop I found on Amazon

It work with the expansion bay