Touch screen from another laptop?

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Inspired with this thread
I start to think if there is a screen with similar dimentions as Frameworks’, that has touch functionality and avaiable board as interface to usb-c as mentioned in thread above.

In theory, if there is one, one could create custom mounting brackets, and sacrifice 2 expansion cards space for comunication (if willing to experiment, one could drill through the chassie and wire all internally).

What do you think? Is this feasible? Do you know any potential candiate for screen (MS surface)?

I am still waiting for my first Framework laptop, but I am already thinking of how I can alter it! This is great influence of the modularity idea!


Just wanted to add that there is also the Framework Tablet.
From that example, touchscreen support should be possible. As you said, the challenge would be to integrate it with the current form factor of the laptop case, as well as the USB expansion sacrifice.

I have yet to see an FW laptop in real life, so I will just hang around waiting for some more experienced users and creators to chime in.

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I’ve looked into it a bit but most Surfaces are 4:3 and the display framework is using is quite hard to find even without the touchscreen option.

All I can think to do is to show FW we have interest in a touch variant so they put it on their timeline. :pray:

In the meanwhile I’ll be searching on aliexpress for alternatives but can’t promise anything! :blush:


The Surface Book screen has a ratio of 3:2.


Y’know I’d love to see the beautiful surface screen on a framework!

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