2 in 1 option in future as replacemen kit?

How possible that 2 in 1 become an option for future?


I would love to see that as well, but that would be a whole different level of engineering to pull it off…

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A 2-in-1 would require a completely different set of hinges and base unit, plus other design considerations that would effectively make it a whole new product. Unfortunately I don’t see a “drop-in” 2-in-1 option as feasible.

I mean, with the Framework’s design, migrating all the components to a new chassis with a display cable extension (or touchscreen with longer cable) may as well be ‘drop-in’


This is what I mean, the mainboard doesn’t need to be change, the only thing that stop me to order framework is lack of touchscreen and 360 degree hinge. I need to find a new laptop since mine don’t have enough ram to do basic work, I considered Dell and Lenovo but the idea of framework is too good to not support it. For a laptop that will follow me for next 5 to 10 years, I really want it to fit my need, if framework can have some clear roadmap for its product, I’m willing to support this idea even though some features have to wait.
If framework said it will have 2-in-1 conversion kit in next year or later than I would buy a external touch enabled monitor as a temporary replacement, cause I know the feature I want is coming in the future.
Most of the 2-in-1 hinge has the same design so in order to framework to adapted the design shouldn’t be impossible.

It could happen, but probably from a third party, and probably next year once the marketplace allows third parties. I can see the 2-in-1 hinge being difficult to make, but the touchscreen should be fairly simple.

Hello @nrp, would you consider 2-in-1 conversion kit in the future of framework roadmaps?

(If nrp replied, I would buy a framework no matter what!!!)


Just adding my support for this feature, particularly for fully detachable screen (not just 360 hinges). I know it’s a whole other beast in terms of engineering, given that the screen would need its own processor, battery, etc, etc. But in terms of reducing electronic waste, it would be a true winner: no need to ever buy laptop and a tablet again.

Yes, if I could get a Framework as a convertible, I’d be 100% SOLD!

i already my framework but yes i would like a touchscreen and a 2 in 1 conversion kit
i still have my lenovo yoga C930 and use it often because i like the tablet mode

A 2 in 1 Framework Laptop would be legendary! Or perhaps a framework tablet to compete with the Microsoft Surface. Though it would be difficult to pull off compared to a traditional laptop.

I would 100% buy a framework 2-in-1 laptop if one were to ever become available. However, an upgrade would not be possible for existing systems. On top of needing a new touch capable screen and new frame with a 360 degree hinge, the motherboard would also have to be upgraded as well. The reason being that the current motherboard I assume uses a monitor connection that is strictly output only from MB to the display. In order to accommodate touch screen input, the motherboard would need an additional connection to allow touch input from the screen to go back into the motherboard. This unfortunately would mean that every major component of the laptop would have to be replaced (MB, screen, and frame). The best case scenario would be that they sell you the barebones system and you can take your existing memory, SSD, USB-C accessories, and OS, and use those in the the new chassis.

That said, I would still hope that Framework is taking this into consideration and would work towards making a 2-in-1 model for the future. It seems like there would be a lot of interest in it.

I recall a framework team member mentioned that a touch channel is already present on the mainboard display connector.

~ edit ~
Yep. github.com/FrameworkComputer/Mainboard/blob/main/Electrical/Pinouts.md#display-interface

Display Interface
IPEX 20879-040E connector used to interface to an eDP display. Note that there are signals defined for both USB 2.0 and I2C touchscreens.


Oh sweet, so MB can accept touch screens. That’s awesome! Hopefully they are working on a 2-in-1 option.

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