Touch screen option? In the future, and if so will that be upgradeable?

I have been hooked on the 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop for a few years now. The 2-in-1 combines the ease of a tablet and the keywording options of a regular computer all rolled into one. Also the drawing option should be mentioned because most people/students want to be able to take hand notes (much more effective for the learning process than just typing notes).

I would really rather buy a fully upgradeable laptop of course so that’s why I’m here but. . . I really can’t go back to a non-touchscreen laptop. I need a new computer but am hesitant to get the framework laptop because of this missing feature. Will there be one in the future and will the screen be also upgradeable?


If there is or ever will be a screen with the same physical dimensions and connector then yes, you could swap the screen, as far as I’m aware framework does not have a part blacklist that other SIs/OEMs have(plus that would be anathema to their purpose) so I can confidently say the screen will be upgradable IF Framework or a third party create a screen but none exists currently to my knowledge

Nobody on this forum is going to be able to speak to Frameworks future product plans so I don’t think you should buy this laptop under the assumption that this option will be available in the future

I can say that you aren’t the first to inquire about this but I don’t think Framework is currently designing a laptop to meet your use case


Yeah, I’m in the same boat and have been watching this closely. Last we heard from Framework, they made the internal display cable capable of supporting touch input, but didn’t have a touchscreen on their roadmap yet. I think that was July: Touchscreen that can use a stylus (for creative people) - #17 by nrp


Thanks guys for the insights and links! I may just go ahead and get their laptop and hope for the best, maybe get a tablet for notes + drawing.
I just wanted everything in one place :frowning:

Does Framework ever comment on forum posts? Do they share their roadmap? It would be great to see more of a conversation from Framework around touchscreens and stylus support.


Absolutely not lol

That is a major flaw for their company.
They need a good Communications&/ Mkting person or team. But I guess they’re running a bare bones operation(?).