2 stacked disks on framework 16 - cooling problem

I have noticed that framework 16 has 2 disks stacked onto each other. Wouldn’t there a cooling issue when 2 disks are in this position? My computer (thinkpad p50) has 3 disk slots and they are next to each other, not on top of each other. Isn’t this a better solution?

Thermally that is more ideal, yes. For one reason or another however, the engineering team has said they were unable to do this, which is also why the 2nd drive is a 2230 not a 2280. If it’s possible, just not under their previous design constraints, a future version of the motherboard may support it.


Good question

While it’s likely not ideal for cooling, I am very confident that the team has done extensive testing to ensure that running two drives like this will not lead to over-temperature conditions or damage to the drives, that is what the hardware test phase of development is for after all.

The team made this design choice for a reason (likely to save space for other components, and they will try to make sure that there are no issues for users using the setup the way that it was designed.


Yes, I believe so. However, I would be still super happy if there was anyone from the community who pre-ordered the laptop and equipped it with 2 disks ran some stress testing.

To do that you will have to wait until they are delivered, and find someone that has both disks fitted to do the testing.

but frankly, how much disk space do you need? 8TB in one disk is a pretty large dose of data.

I intend to do just that. Will use the 2230 Disk for Windows and the 2280 for Linux, plus one partition for Game. Don’t know how I’ll partition it yet, but there will be a data drive for video editing, and one for games. Could also be I’ll put both OS’s on the 2230 and the data on the 2280 drive.
Once all is there, I can do the test/benchmarks.
Still don’t know which RAM modules nor 2280 I’ll take.

Hi everyone, I just thought that technically the 2230 ssd sould be just on top of the laptop bottom layer which means with a little thermal pad between should help cooling and for the 2280 ssd slot, same thing but with the metal plate on top of the motherboard. I think at least it will be someway more efficient than an ssd without anything to help cooling at all.

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@Alan_Pearce 8TB is definitely enough. However, for dual booting, backup, etc. it is nice to have 2 drives because its more organised. In addition, RAID0 is quite powerful. So thats the main reason why I want 2 drives.

PS: How to you reply here?

@Jorg_Mertin Thank you! Please keep us updated with the results

@Pecorjunior Yes, some mods could help it. However, from a released product (if it is not a macbook air), I expect fully functional thermals without modding.

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Just to be clear, I said it that this “modding” would help to get better thermals, it surely will be (has Nirav said) fully functionnal for normal use. Just take it the same way as amd or intel do for cpu stock coolers. They can handle most use cases but when under heavy load you can’t go as far as custom/heavier coolers for both thermals, noise and performance.

Anyway, we will be testing it at launch and we can’t draw results about it without any further information. Wait and see… :yum:

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As soon as I get my hands on the hardware :wink: if it is not in full holiday period :slight_smile:

I just posted a possible solution for this issue:

It is a kind of mod, but nothing too complicated, as you can buy the parts for it online and just need to do a minor modification…