3 monitor setup

I’m going to spend some $$ on upgrading my rig. So far I’m been using the laptop with one monitor, but this is becoming annoying.

I’ve never done multimonitor so I’m looking for advice. I’d like to keep cable management sane, so I think I prefer chaining over individual connections. Probably not a deal breaker if there’s a good reason for the later though.

Ideally this is what I’d have:
1 dock connected to the laptop - I don’t have to be unplugging and plugin several cables each times I move it. The laptop itself is always closed, BTW, so it screen doesn’t count.
3 monitors - maxing out whatever total resolutions we can have.

Also bonus: I’d like to share the monitors (and keyboard and mouse) with a Macbook Pro.

What I have now is one dock for the framework, one dock for the Mac, and the only monitor I have has a built-in KVM which is good enough for the current scenario.

But assuming “money is no object” (it is, but let’s not consider that) - any recommendations? Ideally from someone that has already done it :slight_smile: I’ve done a lot of research but well, I don’t want to be dealing with returning gear between theory and practice don’t match.

This should be a good starting point for you:
External monitor support on the Framework Laptop

But what resolutions you will end up getting, heavily depends on the dock. Higher resolutions than 1080p on 3 monitors will require at least a Thunderbolt dock, not just a plain USB-C one (as far as I know).