Multiple external monitors

Is there a limit to the number of external monitors? With my current system (MacBook Pro) I’m using a Dell docking station that has 1 USB3 into the laptop powering 3 external monitors. I’m would hard press to drop down below 3 and I’m actually looking to add a 4th monitor. Nothing crazy on the resolutions; each is running at about 2K


@Jacob_Miles Looks like you can have 4 max.


Awesome! I must have looked over that line when I was looking at the specs!

@Jacob_Miles I found this on intel’s site, I think that means 3 external monitor on top of the laptop’s one.

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@brochard, I think I saw somewhere that if you switch off the laptop display, it no longer counts towards the total number of monitors, but I could be wrong…

That is correct. If you turn off the internal display, you can use four external displays.


Having a bit of fun with this and with an eGPU, apparently the 4 monitor limit doesn’t apply, sooo, with an iPad or two hanging around…