3D printable case modified to be able to hold the battery

I wanted to be able to connect the battery to the mainboard while it’s in the 3D printable case, so I remixed the original!

Take a look:


I really want to make this, I have a 15.6 inch touchscreen tablet and I’d like to mount this on the back. Does the case completely cover the battery if I also print the cover?

Check the link. It holds the battery with a minimal bracket, doesn’t cover it at all. Does not include a modified cover, the original cover is used.

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Great Concept! What type of filament/resin did you use?

I just used PLA and it’s worked fine, but I acknowledge that something like ABS likely would be a better choice.

Considering the battery itself isn’t the part that gets hot, the problem areas would be the same as with the original case design that my model only modifies. I would check what others have reported for that case.

A quick search shows the founder himself saying they use PLA “Pro”.