Anyone have a 3D file of the case with room for battery?

New convert to Framework and am totally sold, but I can’t afford a full laptop right now so I was thinking start with just the mainboard and plug into the display and keyboard I already have. My understanding is the .stl for 3D printing a case does not fit a battery and I’m wondering if anyone has a version that does?


By battery do you mean the framework battery?


The new V3 version of the Framework Tablet project has place for a battery. You might be able to fork the project and cut off the tablety bits and make it into just a case.

That’s the only thing i can think of right now. :sweat_smile:

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@Josh_Cook yeah exactly, or can you hook up other types of batteries to the mainboard?

@Cheese do you think it would be easier to modify the CAD for the tablet frame than adding space in the normal 3D printed case for the battery?

A more aesthetic result would be modifying the normal case. But yeah, i do think snipping some stuff off of the tablet case would be less time consuming.

Hope this helps! :blush:

This one from anker should give 1.5 times the battery life to the og framerwork bat

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@Ryan_DiMingo ahh nice, that looks like a good one. Bi-directional charging is nice. But 3x the cost for 1.5 times the battery life. Hopefully, framework starts selling theirs by itself soon.

…but it charges other devices as well. i.e. it’s not just a single-device battery.

@Second_Coming yeah that’s a fair point for sure, I’m definitely considering it.

I’d say go for it, it has a display and, if you ever need, 140w charging

Careful, I bought that exact battery for this purpose and it gives a power delivery error randomly despite being way under its maximum specs. It’s specifically in undervoltage error despite the fact that the battery was brand-new and charged fully. “UVP - Low Voltage Detected - Do Not Use”