3D Printed Expansion Card Holder

Expansion Card Holder

A tool to store four extra expansion cards for the framework laptop. Designed to work and look the same as the laptop.
Slide your cards into the side of the holder.

I printed using the Dremel Digilab 3D 45 and it came out great. Make sure to print with no supports as they will fill the USB-C holes. The Expansion Cards are held in with friction and they will not fall out.



I designed this using the measurements of the Laptop, so it is the same width as the body and the spacing of the Expansion Cards is the same. The Expansion Cards are spaced the same way as in the laptop.


I designed this using Inventor 2022 on Windows and have supplied the porject files. I made the project modular so it can support 6 or 4 or however many extra cards you have.


Just sent this to my local 3d print guy, thank you for sharing.

I love it… I have my spare cards just moving around in my backpack right now… this would be great for just keeping them together!

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Been collaborating with @mxg on something similar in this other thread:

It’s a little more secure, in that the hinge allows it to lock the cards in. Thought you might like to see it and maybe it give some ideas for cross-collab! :slight_smile:


Heads up, when you’re designing in Inventor for 3D printing you can set the export units by choosing Print Options in the ribbon.



Thanks. I did not know about this! The STL should be the right size but the inventor files need to be resized.

I only found it after some frustration on having to scale my model in my the slicer.

What tolerance did you use on the opening?

I printed this and found it to be a little loose, but I did also add some fillets to the openings in Inventor as with that other hinged holder, ive had issues with their USB slots being too tight. Otherwise its a really nice design!

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I don’t remember but it was just slightly bigger than the USB C size. The fit is tight enough not to fall out and feels good to insert.

Im a complete idiot when it comes to 3d printing. I want to send this to a place that does the printing. When you say it needs to be upscaled 40%, does that mean in the Cura software it should be set to 140% for all three axis?

Sorry for the confusion. I think I fixed that so you should not have to scale it at all.
The dimensions for the piece should be X=162.56mm, Y=42.6279, Z=10.9728

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No problem. Thanks for responding! I appreciate it. And great work it looks perfect for what I wanted.

I’m interested in 3D printing this, but for future reference what licence is this licenced under?


I didn’t set any license. I just put it up so anyone can use it or do anything with it.


Perfect. Thank you.

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