ETA for 4.0kg hinge kit to come back in stock?

I was just about to place an order for the Batch 5 12th gen DIY version here in the UK (shipping November), and I was planning on adding the 4.0kg hinge kit to my order, as I prefer a much stronger hinge. However, I’ve just noticed that these are now showing as out of stock. I’d really like to order the hinge kit as part of my main order, since the shipping for the individual part costs as much as the part itself (£24), which I really can’t justify, but I was also really hoping to get on the Batch 5 shipment as ideally I need it by the end of December.

Can anyone provide an idea of when the 4.0kg hinge kit will be back in stock, and if it would still be in time for the batch 5 shipment?

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

As this is primarily a user forum it would do well to ask


Thanks, I’ll do that!