5400hz sound from dGPU fan on new Framework 16

I got my Framework 16 today and so far I enjoy everything but the fan noise. When my computer is under load there is a high pitched (compared to the rest of the fan noise) fan noise that, according to an audio spectrum analyzer, is a ~5400hz sound that is around -54 db around 4 inches from the back of the dGPU module. The rest of the fan noise profile is fine to me but that 5400hz sound is really annoying.

Here is a youtube video that sounds exactly like it:

Hopefully someone from Framework can chime in and let me know if this sound profile is expected or there is an issue with my unit.

Anyone else hear this when your computer is under load?

This sounds like a coil whine issue. Fan noise does not reach such high frequencies!
I’d recommend contacting support, coil whine is always present, but in some cases (such as yours) it’s much worse.
I know some people who get their motherboard replaced (and the old one being fixed, should just be an SMT swap).


Update, I installed my shell module in place of my dGPU module and the high pitched sound is not noticeable unless I put my ear against the exhaust. So it has something to do with my dGPU module.

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It would be worth trying to identify which fan is producing the sound and investigating further. People have had problems with fan blades touching tape or glue points and producing noise.

Framework is going send me a new GPU module. So most likely it is just a defective GPU module.

Got the new GPU module today and it didn’t fix the issue. So it looks like there is something up with my laptop chassis that is causing the whistle. It definitely seems to be an air caused whistle sound rather than a noise caused by electronic coil whine. It sounds very different than the coil whine that my cheap higher power USB-C power supply makes.

To improve my ability to test the issue I got ectool working to control the fan duty cycle to isolate any noise from putting the computer under load and the noise caused by the fans. (see this post)
I was able to run my shell module at 100% fan duty cycle and I noticed the whistle. It was more difficult to get the shell module to that fan speed using a stress test and it doesn’t start becoming really noticeable until around 60% fan duty cycle which is why I didn’t notice it previously.

This is an audio clip of the noise. It is most noticeable starting at 15 seconds:
Wednesday at 12-52 PM.m4a

Does anyone else hear a sound like that. It is ~5400-6200Hz.