[SOLVED] Constant, high pitched noise coming from Framework Laptop 16

However there was already one topic about similar issue (re fw13 though), I’m not continuing nor linking to it as it went slightly sideways.

I can hear a constant noise of ~11kHz frequency coming out from the laptop. However I can hear slight changes in its intensity, it doesn’t seem to be directly dependent on the load. It makes me think it’s coil whining related though.

Before I raise the topic with the support team I’d like to learn if anyone else is noticing something similar. Maybe even it is known problem already and I missed it. I can certainly try to take the case off and identify from where does it come from if its required.

I’ve noticed this too. Sometimes it’s so quiet it’s practically unnoticeable and other times it’s loud enough to be heard from a few feet away.

Actually, I must call it off. It’s my mistake. @Erik_Isakson I’ll refer to your observation in a moment, but first let me explain myself.

One of my motivation to buy Framework 16 was to get rid of my old mini-computer, which is still beefy, but it had horrible coil whining issue. It was making me miserable while I was actively working on it. So I assembled FW16, came to my room, shut the old computer off and plugged the new one. Imagine my disappointment when I heard the high pitched sound.

I tried moving the laptop around to make sure it comes from it and I swear I could have hear it follow. As I’m quite impulsive kind of person and like to look for solutions ASAP, I posted here.

But it simply didn’t seem right so I LEFT the room with Framework to make sure it comes from it and… No. After a moment I realized it comes from my old computer which makes that sound when it’s shut down. I simply always had it running while being in the room, when it’s on it also whines but on a different frequency.

@Erik_Isakson when I put my ear closer to the laptop I also hear some whining, but it’s not disturbing, at least for me. I guess this may be what you hear. And this seem to be load dependent.

I’m sorry for the commotion and leaving this thread for anyone who may have similar impression to mine.