75% kb layout with dedicated Home/Pg Up/Pg Down/End?

I’ve been following framework for quite a long time (I was actually one of the original preorders before the official launch but cancelled my preorder). Over the years the one and only thing stopping me from purchasing is the complete lack of dedicated Home/Pg Up/Pg Down/End keys (alongside discrete insert/prt sc/delete), along the right side of the keyboard as is common among 75% keyboard layouts, even among competitors in ultra-slim laptop space like the HP Spectre.

The lack of these keys on the framework keyboards is simply a dealbreaker for me as I use those keys extensively for all purposes across productivity and browsing. I’ve seen many other people asking for this as well, so it’s something that would definitely be in demand, yet there seems to be no plans to make such a layout. As there are no big 3rd party keyboard developers for framework as of yet (seems like a costly venture due to keyboard tooling costs), I think first party support for a very common keyboard layout in significant recurring demand would be a beneficial endeavour for framework.


Agree on the dedicated navigation block, plus I would go little further and opt for

also very important - is to alighn the touch pad with the keyboard center, which is the position of the B key, or position between F and G keys

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I agree, these suggestions make it more distinct from the current keyboard layout and thus more compelling and as shown can fit into laptop form factor

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