75% Keyboard?

I saw both LTT’s and Dave2d’s video on the Framework Laptop 16 that’s coming out soon and it looks really good and all but I have one gripe with it: will there be no 75% keyboard option? I know they’re rare to see in laptop’s in general but I’m a big fan of big arrow keys and I also don’t necessarily like numpads but I semi-need the buttons that come with them. But it looks like everything on the left and right of the keyboard (speakers, blanks) counts on the keyboard not having an extra column (the numpad buttons in this case) on the keyboard, so my hopes are slim.


I think that the constraints of the keyboard deck would make having a stranger shape (such as a 75%) less designable as it appears to be vertical columns, so it would have a lot of blank space on the left and right, while making it 1 column(?) wider. It would be possible, but probably impractical.
I’d still use it, tho