[SOLVED] dGPU power limited to 45-50 watts on Win10Pro

DIY Edition, Win 10 Pro, Balanced Power Profile (none others listed by default), and plugged in to the 180 watt charger.

MSI Afterburner and AMD Adrenelin both report the RX 7700S dGPU drawing only 45-50 watts while gaming. GPU clock is reporting 1500MHz. CPU also seems to be limited to sub-15 watts.

I’ve tried manually creating a new power plan for performance, using a command to create the High Performance power plan, and installed the newest Adrenalin software. Nothing will get the machine to run the dGPU at it’s rated max performance.

Am I missing something? Misunderstanding the TDP? Current performance is “okay”, and temps are easily controlled, but it feels like something isn’t quite right.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

Only Windows 11 and not Windows 10, is officially supported on the Framework 16. What you’re experiencing is likely to due to driver issues.


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Installed Win 11 and immediately got full power when plugged in. Unplugged, I got the same behavior that I did on Win10.

Thanks for the help!

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Speaking of Windows 11, I’ve heard a whole lot of bad news about it’s usability and performance (especially with gaming, and even worse on AMD devices), so how well is it working overall for you compared to Windows 10? Thanks!

That’s just to save power. You can probably get it to run at 100 W on battery power by setting “prefer maximum performance” in Windows setting and tweaking the power settings in AMD Adrenalin. However, you will get worser battery life so I don’t recommend it.

There are physical limitations to how much power a battery is able to provide, which is a big reason why some of these performance limitations came about to begin with. I’m not certain what the watt rating is on the FW16, but I wouldn’t necessarily expect it to be 180W like the charger.

I believe the maximum power output that the battery can provide is 100 W so in theory, it should be possible to get close to that.

I have an older Framework (11th gen) that dual-boots Fedora and Windows. I had Windows 10 Pro on it from the get-go, and then updated to Windows 11 six months back. While I have a lot of complaints about the UX, device support has been great. I finally make use of the WiFi 6E support iwith my AX210 in Windows 11, for example.
I also have a desktop with prior-gen AMD hardware (Ryzen 5000 series and RX 6800XT) that also dual-boots Windows 11 and Fedora, and with the prior gen hardware it works great as well. Some of the problems with the new hardware is just related to it being new, I think. That’s no comfort, I know, but I expect that stability and driver quality will improve over time. :expressionless:

My device came with windows 11, and i havent had a windows version crash this much in over 20 years, i hate it, i am certain its at least partially due to being amd cpu with nvidia gpu, and potentially my added stick of ram, when i get the 16 i am doing a bios reset to retrain the ram, fresh install of windows, and if that doesnt fix it i am gonna have to buy another ram stick that matches the one i added, or 2 new matching ones, and hope that helps, cause its gonna be wife and kids laptop, its way too new to throw out, or be crashing like this.

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I jumped on win 11 after it was out a year, and am on amd rig (5800X + 6600 XT). Both run fine, and in some cases better than win 10. The main improvements come from my NVME drive and better support for AMD SAM. Once you get to DDR 5 and other newer standards, Win 11 has a clear advantage.

The biggest issue with older games is that older .net and DLLs are no longer bundled with Windows. If you upgraded from 10 there is no issue, but on a clean install you may need to do some trouble shooting to get an older game to run.

Oh and there are two setting in both windows 11 and 10 people should change:

  1. Disable fast startup - Redirecting
  2. Set Active Hours for Windows update - Get updates when you're away from your PC with active hours in Windows - Microsoft Support