(7840u) 1TB Expansion Card Issues

Hi all,

I have a 7840u mainboard in my Framework 13. I recently purchased and received a 1TB expansion card. The card will randomly disconnect and reconnect, regardless of port that it is plugged into on the laptop, I have checked the Windows 11 event viewer and the error reads as “Disk 1 has been surprise removed.”

Anyone else have these issues? If so, did you find a solution?

This has been an issue even long before the AMD boards came out. The cards themselves seem to be the problem.

My recommendation is that you return the 1TB card if you still can and either invest in a nice external SSD like the Samsung T9 or Crucial X10 Pro, or upgrade the internal storage to an SSD with the space you need.

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You should lodge a support ticket if you wish to resolve the issues and keep the expansion card, otherwise if you are in the return window you should initiate a return/refund.

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Darn, didn’t realize that it has been an issue for some time now. Opened up a ticket and they are now sending over a replacement!

Opened up a ticket and they are now sending over a replacement!

Good luck bro, hopefully you get a good card.

And yeah as proof of how long it’s been, I originally started off on the 11th gen intel motherboard and ordered a 1TB expansion card and that 3 year old card is exhibiting the same issue you ran into with your OG card.

Is it safe to install an OS into the 1TB expansion card and boot from it?

I believe Framework themselves have recommended you do not install a secondary operating system on the expansion cards, but I could be wrong.

Like all USB devices, it will work, but your mileage will vary depending on if you face this disconnect issue or not with your card.