Storage expansion card disconnecting & 2nd gen 1TB card speed test?

Hi all,
I have a 13th Gen 13 inch Framework laptop, and I’ve been having some trouble with my 1TB sorage card in Windows 11 recently. Randomly, the disk would disappear from the system. If I go to device manager, I can see that the USB SCSI Mass Storage Device (under storage controllers section) is still present, but the actual USB disk device that’s supposed to be under it (if you list devices by connection) is gone. Restarting the aforementioned controller device will bring the disk back, until it disappears again. I also have Kali Linux installed on it, and that OS can work fine for hours once booted so I think it’s an Windows issue.
I would appreciate any possible solutions to this problem.
Unrelated, I also noticed the device name has a leading space.

Also there’s another thing I wish could get clarified: the speed of the 2nd gen 1TB expansion card. On my 1st gen card, crystal disk mark reports 1010+ MB/s read and write with 4GB load, but the product page of the 2nd gen card states 1000 MB/s read and 800 MB/s write. So… is the 2nd gen card a bit slower than the first gen? Anyone has done speed tests on the 2nd gen 1TB card can you please share your results?

Thanks in advance.

Nobody (outside of Framework) has tested it yet as it released yesterday.

However the new generation is due to the chips that were used in the previous generation being discontinued. It is not intended to be different.

The “1TB (1st Gen) Expansion Card” was rated at 1000 MB/s write, however the “1TB (2nd Gen) Expansion Card” is rated at 800 MB/s write. So it is indeed rated to be a bit slower.

On the other hand the “250GB (1st Gen) Expansion Card” was rated at 375MB/s write, however the “250GB (2nd Gen) Expansion Card” is rated at 800 MB/s write. So for the 250GB card it is rated to be significantly faster.

Thanks for the info, I thought it was released for a while already. So the only difference between the two generation is flash chip, and the controller remains the same? If so I would expect no change in compatibility.

Their statement seems to indicate that only the flash changed. Here’s what they said yesterday:

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