A 360 hinge makes a great desk companion

I have a 360 hinge laptop. I love it, but never use it as a tablet. When docking my computer, once I have my external keyboard, it is absolutely amazing being able to set my laptop in tent mode as an external secondary display. Hinges below 180 degrees demand more desk space and expose the keyboard. By folding the keyboard behind the screen, you literally save 50% space and position the screen in a much more pleasant desk layout.

This is the sad thing of 2 in 1 laptops, they are bulky and annoying tablet replacements, but amazing desk companions. A non touch mate screen with a 360 hinge is clearly my ideal type of laptop. Sadly most vendors keep pushing for the crappy laptop-tablet combo when I believe most people would value far more the laptop as a sexy auxiliary display.

Recently I was looking into an external portable display, which is sad because a folded laptop exposing just the screen can do the work just fine.

Again, the irony is that the bigger the laptop, the creeper tablet they become, but the better desk companion they might be. This is the real value I expect from 2 in 1 laptops, while at the same time, it looks like a worse concept of the value expected / promoted by many vendors.

A 360 hinge with no touchscreen seems such a fringe concept, but a modular laptop like Framework, should be the ideal base to enable crazy people like me who strongly believe that is a great idea


Exactly what I want atm. Windows might not be the best platform for tablet usage, but as kind of a designer, it’s just convienient to have the drafting part and some heavier workload in the workflow on the same machine.

I actually just joined because I wanted to suggest/support this idea.
I also want to add that this would work perfectly with a touch/pen display (upgrade) and make this laptop a plausible option for folks that would want to use it as a drawing/note-taking platform.

I aplogize if bumping this idea is a crime :sweat_smile:

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