A few off the cuff ideas

Just a few ideas off the top of my head for improving the FW.

  1. Add RGB LED lights to the USB-C adapters (which are mostly empty), so that people can put one on each side of the laptop and achieve an animated RGB underglow effect.

  2. Create a mini cellular board that can replace the Wifi board. I think cellular is too large to fit in a pluggable expansion card.

  3. Create a ruggedized version of the laptop in the form of a 3D printable design that people can either print or order from FW, which for power uses cylindrial LiIon batteries; FW could sell a kit with the enclosure, friction hinges, screws, and a charge controller board. Such a bulky laptop could also have room for bigger upward-facing speakers and an internal USB-C dock.

  4. Make a version of the keyboard that has an e-Ink display next to the touchpad, which can display system status info e.g. CPU load, CPU temperatures, battery charge, date/time, hard drive activity.

  5. Same as #4 except put the e-Ink display on the screen bezel at the bottom below the LCD.

  6. Add some eMMC to the motherboard as an alternative bootable drive.

  7. Get rid of the tapering on the bottom side for the speakers, make the battery larger to fill the newly available space where the tapering used to be, and add upward-facing speakers to the keyboard or the lower bezel area.

  8. Ask Costco if they want to become an investor and sell the FW. Train their employees in FW laptop repair. They could also sell used FW motherboards as desktop computers. A win-win situation.

  9. Create USB-C expansion card that acts as a “USB-C condom” so that FW computers don’t get hacked while charging at the airport.


Isn’t enough, it can be hacked even if the data lines aren’t connected because the USB-PD communication lines can be hijacked. NEVER EVER use a public charger or cable with your FW or any other USB-PD device, only use chargers you know you can trust.


There’s a story I came across involving people who use vaping products, where they plug their vaper into a computer to charge it and the computer asks if they want to give it access to their files or something. So really the maxim is, Never Ever use USB devices that might be from unknown or disreputable sources, including but not limited to chargers. I bet it’s only a matter of time before those USB+AC wall outlets that some people have in their homes start to contain malware.
Found this: E-cigarettes can be used to hack computers » TechWorm

I actually have some prototypes coming in reasonably soon, so when I get them and the enclosure is finished I’ll sell them.

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