A Model Between 13 and 16 (Gaming) Would be Perfect

Can we have a model between 13 and 16 (gaming)? I wish I can have something similar to Dell XPS 15/16 or MacBook Pro 14/16, a laptop with non-gaming outlook but better than average performance. Does anyone else also want this?

I would rather have a 17" laptop, like I have now. :grinning:

Unfortunately, it looks like that format is not in much demand anymore as vendors don’t seem to offer that anymore, so I had to settle for the 16".

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NO !
A 2 in 1 model with a sceen size between 11 and 13 would be perfect with XXL battery life and …
OH ! Wait ! … I’m just kidding ^^

Joke aside, I would love to be able to customize a framework laptop for any personal size and performance, but the fact is the Team is not ready to handle more models right now. The firmware care is as much important as the hardware design, but Framework seems to be overwhelmed with the new AMD models (both 13 and 16) and can’t even deliver regular updates for all the existing models, old intel-based ones included …

So, maybe in few years ? Who knows ?

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I thought they are doing fine on 13? The 16 may have supply problems because it’s a new model, maybe? I think it’s definitely worth to plan 14/15/light16 at this time.

To me it sounds like are describing a FW 16 in a smaller formfactor, like basically a 13 that is just fitted with a 16 mainboard, perhaps with a medium module wide input deck but not an expansion bay. I find that unlikely to come from Framework themselves, as it does feel a bit niche, but i would not be suprised to see someone make a reduced size chasis in the coming months or year for this exact usecase.

I will note that the Framework Laptop 13 is arguably closer to a 14-inch class laptop than a 13-inch class laptop. The Framework Laptop 13 has a screen size of 13.5" diagonal (which most brands would round to 14", HP even has some laptops with the exact same screen dimensions that they call 14-inch) and has an unusual aspect ratio that boosts the screen area. The Framework Laptop 13’s screen has an area of 84.12 in², by comparison my old laptop’s 14-inch diagonal screen was only 83.75 in² and most 13-inch screens are much smaller.

So in terms of screen size the 13 and the 16 are already closer than the names imply. Leaving only 15" as a potential option. I don’t think a 15" version would be different enough from either option to justify it’s existence.

Most laptop displays that are advertised as 15-inch are actually 15.6" diagonal (pretty close to 16") and the same width as the Framework Laptop 16’s display but a 10% shorter. So Framework could make a Framework Laptop 15 that is essentially a shorter version of the Framework Laptop 16 and without the graphics module system, although I think that would be too similar to the Framework Laptop 16 and not be different enough to justify it’s existence and SKUs.

On the other hand they could use a display that is actually closer to 15", however then other features from the Framework Laptop 16 (ex. The input module system) stop being able to fit so it would be essentially a Framework Laptop 13 but slightly larger, which again I think would be too similar to the Framework Laptop 13 and not be different enough to justify it’s existence and SKUs.

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I think you will find that the 13" models are considered “better than average” performance because they have quite premium motherboards in line with the high end build quality.

As somebody who has been agitating for a chassis deep enough to house a hand-built keyboard ad-nauseam, I think if somebody designed a laptop with a little extra depth to accommodate Cherry’s ULP range of laptop switches and the slightly bigger screen you wanted, it would nicely fit both our desires.

Of course this proposed laptop would just happen to take advantage of the frequently-refreshed FW motherboard (I suggest the 13 would be sufficient) and other components, but might prove more powerful due to a more spacious case to improve cooling. It may fit a bigger battery too.

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A reason for 14 inch is that there are much more options for 14 inch 16:10 screens (WQXGA, 120hz, and 100%P3). 14 inch 16:10 screen is about 16mm wider and a bit shorter.

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