About every 3rd restart network card goes missing in iwctl

My network card works flawlessly on my Windows install so I know it’s not a hardware or connection issue. I am running Arch with the zen kernel using iwd and networkd as network manager. Appx every 3rd time I boot up my network card is no longer detected and iwctl shows no such device.


So you parallel boot with windows? Then that’s a common issue, as Windows keeps “owning” or power managing devices to speed up the next boot.

I’m not super sure how to fix it, but you might try disabling Windows fast boot or disabling power management inside Windows for your wifi card.


A little testing and this does seem to be the problem, ie. only happens right after running windows. Can’t figure out how to fix though or might not be possible due to windows being a pain in the ass. Rebooting the system always fixes it so not a major problem.

Here is some discussion about this issue if you’re interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/lbl0l5/can_windows_dual_boot_be_messing_with_my_wifi_card/

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Thanks so much. For anyone with is problem in the future the setting is hidden in the depths as is typical windows fashion. Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Power options → Choose What power buttons do.