Adapt Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Charger for FW13

I have a recently died Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, not battery but mainboard. I’m thinking of a 13" Framework replacement.
I’m wondering if I can use the MS charger with a USB C plug. The charger is 65W at 15v output. I don’t think it has any specific signalling from the laptop. The connector has 2 sets of 3 pins. From cord end +ve nil -ve then a 1mm gap to -ve nil +ve.

The FW13 requires a USB PD power supply with a USB-C plug. If the power supply is not USB PD then it should follow normal USB specifications for a “dumb” charger, 5V at a maximum of 3A. Anything other than this is non-standard and if the port gets 15V without any PD negotiation first it will trigger the USB overcurrent protection if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky it will fry the port!

So unless this power supply is USB PD, please don’t try it.

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Surface laptops use do use a PD output type charger, but finding an adapter or changing the plug? ~ make an error there and poof maybe.

If you can find a dock that uses the Surface power connector and use that at home, maybe . . .

I would rather give the PSU to a shop or someone and start a fresh or keep it, you never know you may not like the Framework and go back to a Surface.

Framework does not have a touch screen ::frowning:

Thanks everyone.
I rarely, if ever, used the SL3 touchscreen. But I did like the USB A output on the SL3 PSU.

Oh! so you can use a USB A to USB C cable but what is the USB A output? If it’s not PD then 5V x ??A is questionable

It is only 5v 1A, but good enough to keep phone going.

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I don’t think USB-PD is posssible on anything other than USB-C.

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Yes thanks. Have edited my post :slight_smile: Was thinking of QC3

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