Several questions about third-party power adapters

I like this product very much, so I can’t wait to ask a friend in the United States to order one for me. Since I noticed that there is no Chinese version of the power adapter, I did not order it. I regretted it when I realized that the front cable plug could be replaced. I have not yet selected a third-party PD charger that I can trust. The main concerns are as follows:

  1. Can a charger with a nominal 100W 20V/5A or 65W 20V/3.25A automatically reduce the current to match the requirements of the Framework laptop (20V/3A?)? so as to avoid damage to the machine。
  2. Can a low-power charger with an output voltage of 15V/5V (may not support PD protocol) charge the machine slowly?
  3. Most of the chargers do not have a ground wire. Will this cause static electricity on the shell like other brands of laptops with metal shell?
  4. Are there any relevant hard certification standards to ensure that it can run with the machine nice?
  1. Chargers don’t force an amount of current; the current ratings are the maximum current it’s able to provide while still outputting the rated voltage. As the Framework uses USB-PD, you don’t even need to think about voltages and currents; just look at how many watts the USB-PD charger provides.
  2. If the charger doesn’t support USB-PD, then you’d be limited to the base USB spec of 5V and it would be really slow (if it works).

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Pretty much what @qbg said

Buy only USB-IF certified chargers at the appropriate wattage and you’ll be fine

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About the ESD, the brick is grounded. There should be no charge.

  1. Yes, that’s no problem. Electricity doesn’t “force current” anyway, the current is determined by how much the receiving device uses (simplified).
  2. I haven’t tested it but that should be no problem. In emergency situations, you can charge the Framework Laptop with a phone charger, but that only works when powered off and is really slow.
  3. I recommend using Chargers that are grounded as I have had bad experience with cheap ungrounded chargers from china (like the touchpad would have weird issues, as the laptop case wouldn’t be grounded and you’d get weird ESD discharges.
  4. Buy USB certified devices or devices from well-known brands and you should be fine. I have a Dell charger from my old laptop and an Anker power brick, both should work fine.
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Thanks a lot @Jonathan_Haas , it do helps.

Thanks a lot @Jonathan_Haas @qbg , they do helps.