Additional finger needed after rest mode

Hello there!

I’m on the DIY Framework with 1TB, i5 processor, 32 GB RAM, running Fedora 35 (Workstation Edition), 64-bit, GNOME Version 41.5.
Very happy so far, just one weird thing keeps happening that I can’t explain. After closing the laptop-lid and returning to it, occasionally I’ll have to use an additional finger on the touchpad for every action, e.g. two fingers to move the cursor, three fingers to scroll, four fingers to move desktops, etc. This is only resolved after a restart and does not happen every time I close the lid.
Anyone have a idea what could cause this and how to fix it?


If this was a quiz, I would have said that one of the fingers must be a non-capacitive prosthetic.


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I (very rarely) also have the same behaviour on my Dell XPS 13 also using Gnome and Fedora Workstation 35. This suggests that this is a (rare) problem with Gnome (or some other Linux software, like xinput maybe).