Fedora 35 : Touchpad not working on initial boot, works after sleep/wake but is fast, works fine after second sleep/wake

Ok, so this is an odd issue. I just got a replacement motherboard from Framework due to a faulty cmos/bios battery holder on my batch 5 i5 diy system. The replacement board is an older batch release board as it had the 3.02 bios installed, and had the realtek sounch chip.

I am noticing a very strange issue on my install of Fedora 35 running Gnome. Upon first boot, the touchpad does not work at all. The keyboard works no problem, and the fingerprint sensor works If I put the system to sleep by touching the power button, and wake it back up, the touchpad starts working, but it is super fast, and none of my two/three finger gestures work. If I put the system to sleep again and then wake, everything with the touchpad seems to work fine. The speed is back to normal, two/three finger touchpad gestures work, etc.

I also have a windows 11 install, and it is not having any issues.

The Fedora install is the same one that I was using with my previous motherboard, so I am wondering if I have a hardware issue with my new board, or if it is just something fishy software wise.

Any recommendations?

Try disabling PS/2 mode in the UEFI settings to see if that helps.