Adhesive On Display Bezel

Ended up breaking the display while replacing my hinges. I must have pulled too hard when separating the display from the bezel adhesive.

My question is why is there adhesive on the plastic bezel? I think the magnets are enough to hold the bezel in, and taking the adhesive off would prevent accidental breaks like this. For a piece that is supposed to be easy to remove, I don’t think adhesive is necessary.

Display for refence:

Where is the breakage on the disply. The image doesn’t make that clear, or dom you mean the output of the dispaly rather than the screen?

Where’s the adhesive from?

There should be no adhesive between the bezel and the display panel.

There is a very light adhesive tape on the bottom edge of the bezel I found out the other day. It doesn’t require much force to separate from the display. Definitely wouldn’t think enough to cause the type of pressure needed to cause what’s pictured.

Edit: One of the bullet points on the Bezel guide mentions it. Bezel Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

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Oooh…I see that now. Never even noticed the four embedded adhesive tape sections as mine is not even in contact with the display panel.

(I’ve taken the bezel off a good number of times…screen protector applications, hinge changes…etc)


Sorry, here is a better contrast photo. It is mostly along the bottom edge, but also has a line going vertically:

What really confuses me is why even bother with the adhesive. Are the magnets really not enough to secure the bezel? All the adhesive does is connect the bezel to the display.

Couldn’t be the display connector, could it?

As the bottom of the bezel is wide there are no magnets where it overlaps the screen. So I image it’s there to keep it flush to the screen.

Hi @Ergodot. The very light adhesive on the bezel does not have the pulling force to cause any damage to the display. @amoun is correct as it’s just to keep the entire bezel flush around the entire display.


I wonder whether the damage was caused by finger placed in between the bezel and the panel, using the panel as a leverage point for the finger to pull / lift the [lower portion of the] bezel off.

@Second_Coming I was pulling on the bezel with the display screwed in. According to @TheTwistgibber even though I was pulling on the bezel, the adhesive shouldn’t cause any damage to the display. I don’t really know what tape they used or what it is rated at, so kinda have to take their word on that

I was a bit put out by having to pull on the bottom of the bezel, I didn’t really note the adhesive note.

Once the Bezel starts peeling off towards the bottom of the Display, lift it up using caution. You might feel a little resistance due to the adhesive at the bottom of the display.

I did remove it slowly as I wondered why it didn’t just come away like the magnetic sides.

And of course the adhesive can be different of some laptops.

If it’s warm may come away more easily.

If it’s more matured, dried or cold it will require more care, I imagine.

yea, I was doing this in the office and its cold in there.
that might make it stick better
but yes magnets are enough, why adhesive?

That was mentioned above, there are no magnets along the bottom of the bezel except the ends so adhesive is ude to keep it close to the screen.

Given the fact that there definitely is adhesive involved in the installation guide of the bezel:

“If installing a new Bezel, remove the liner pieces on the bottom of the Bezel to expose the adhesive.”

I find the description of the following post a bit dishonest: Framework on Instagram: "Bezel swap! Held onto your laptop with magnets - no finicky screws or adhesive here."

“Bezel swap! Held onto your laptop with magnets - no finicky screws or adhesive here.”

I never removed the adhesive cover on my replacement bezel, and it has been working fine for me for as long as I have had it (going on two years?). So in my case, no finicky adhesive.

I assume that the post meant no finicky screws or (finicky) adhesive. Not no adhesive. I read the adjective as applying to both nouns, not just the first one.


I also avoided taking the adhesive cover off, and am relying on the magnets entirely.

Has been working fine so far, gonna keep it that way.


I get your interpretation, but to me the text really reads as in “screws and adhesives are by their nature more finicky compared to magnets, and you don’t have to deal with those here”, also, in my opinion screws are perfectly fine, adhesives are the real issue (I had replaced a Surface Pro 4 battery just a few months ago…), but I guess that these would be far easier to remove than those were.

Still, I also installed the bezel without the adhesives and it’s sitting completely flush for me, so no complaints regarding the actual product, just the discrepancy between the guide and the marketing.