Adjust color saturation? (Fedora 39, Gnome, Wayland)

Hi friends,

I received my FW16 today and I love almost everything about it, except the display colors. They are way too saturated and get very tiring very quickly.

I applied Notebookcheck’s ICC profile in Gnome settings, but it didn’t seem to change anything.

Is there a fix for this? Either by manually adjust colors and/or get the profile to work?


Yes, the fix means change the color-color and lower the brightness according to the surrounding light.
Note that in Plasma KDE I would be able to tell you where to look. Alas I don’t use gnome.

OK I think I’ve found something. By increasing the gamma to 1.2, I managed to make the colors a bit more washed out. I need to play with it a bit because it’s not really accurate (the FW16’s screen is still a bit redder than my main screen) but it already feels much better.

This is the tool I used:

If someone with better privileges than me could mark the thread as SOLVED that would be excellent, thanks!