FW 16 Display Panel color balance seems to be too red


I like the display of my new FW16 Laptop. I can even use it outside in a bit of sunlight.
I have noticed that it seems to have too much RED, so all skin colors look a little off.
I think we are going to need some sort of color correction for the display, that is different depending on what brightness setting one sets for the display.
Has anyone got any ideas of where I should start with trying to improve the display color balance?
Note, I don’t think the display is faulty. Some friends of mine have looked at the display and it looks OK to them, so this is just my personnel preference for wishing to adjust it.

The Framework driver package for Windows should automatically install the ICC profile for the display. This should vastly improve color accuracy and balance.
If you’re on Linux, you can extract the ICC profile from the .exe driver package and apply it in your desktop environment.

Thank you. I have managed to load the ICC profile from the windows package.
I could not load it on “ubuntu wayland” but if I switched to “ubuntu xorg” it loaded the ICC profile.

Color management is still experimental under Wayland and the protocol is currently being developed.
HDR monitor support - ArchWiki and ICC profiles - ArchWiki Has more info on it for Wayland.