Aftermarket, smaller LCD

I got the FW AMD 13 and I love everything about the laptop except the screen. The AMD iGPU is actually really strong and can play games and outperform the Steam Deck, even on Linux.

The screen, however, isn’t so great (for me) with its refresh rate and ghosting. I saw that people previously were looking at upgrades for an OLED or a high refresh rate monitor, but found that the FW’s uncommon 3:2 screen size made it difficult to find a replacement.

I’m taking a look at more common 16:9/16:10 screens and am okay with the lost vertical space, and am wondering if anyone has experience and/or pointers for this. I saw these two TFT LCD panels, and am interested in biting the bullet and trying it out, but am wondering if there’s any gotchas with the connector or mounting it in the laptop:
120Hz 13.4" Sharp TFT LCD: user login
165Hz 13.4" Tianma TFT LCD: user login (not sure if this fits, since the dimensions aren’t listed)

They both list eDP as their connector, but I’ve heard that this may not be enough to guarantee that the connectors fit

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Yeah, unfortunately it’s not. There are multiple different connectors and pinouts used on displays. “eDP” just specifies the basic protocol, not the specific connector used, the pitch (spacing between pins), or pinout. And there are also different versions and types of eDP.

TIANMA TL134ADXP01-00 only says “eDP”.
Sharp LQ134N1JW55 at least gives more. “eDP (2 Lanes) , eDP1.4b , HBR2 (5.4G/lane) , 40 pins Connector”

Two lane wouldn’t be compatible. The Framework-13 uses a four lane eDP, 40-pin, 0.5mm pitch connector. So to get a possibly compatible display you need to at least match that. It would be best to also verify the pinout, but I believe there is a good chance that will match if the previous specs match. Iirc a different pitch is found on some OLED displays.

FW13 display-side connector pinout:

Common eDP laptop panel pinouts | Details |

Thank you! Will try to find a 4 lane eDP (hopefully 0.5mm pitch) panel and see how it goes.

If you haven’t see it yet, this thread provides a guide on mounting a non-Framework sourced screen.

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Found the Tianma for around $80 on eBay; ordered that one to try my luck. If it doesn’t work out, this one looks alright as well (but having trouble finding its connector pitch): IVO M133NWF3 R1 Overview -

Be aware that internal connectors are not at all like external connectors in regard to it being safe to just try anything that uses the same connector. Plugging in a part with the wrong pinout can easily destroy things. You risk killing your mainboard and / or the part.

With that particular screen, I think you might luck out, its resolution is high enough that it should need to be 4 lane eDP. Still some risk, though.

In case anyone else reads this thread and want to try similar, it’s best to get a datasheet or otherwise verify the pinout first.

Good points! I’m in contact with the seller to see if they can give me any reassurance.

Something I did notice is that the OEM screen (BOE NE135FBM-N41 Overview - is listed as eDP 2-lane, but the hackaday article doesn’t actually have a 40-pin eDP 2-lane (non-touchscreen) pinout. The pinout from framework matches the 4-lane output.

Am wondering if I should still go for 4-lane or a 2-lane non-touch

Panelook’s specs table is just wrong there. From the manufacturer’s Datasheet, it’s 4 Lane.

I wouldn’t trust a site saying 2-lane non-touch 40pin without seeing the pinout from the manufacturer’s datasheet. If the site’s not simply wrong, then who knows what the pinout is. For example, look at what you would get using a pinout similar to 2-lane 40pin touch panel, maybe a non-touch panel made to be a drop-in replacement for a touch panel… Ground pins where VCC (voltage positive) should be, likely to destroy things.

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Good luck! Desperately hoping someone makes a non ghosty 3:2 some day.

If anyone’s wondering, the eBay seller was confident that the screen would not work.

The IVO screen linked previously has a 0.4mm pitch, so that wouldn’t work as well

The screen I’m trying to dig up now is a 12.5" (oof) 120hz screen: IVO M125NWF6

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Let us know if the IVO works out! This one is from the same manufacturer as the base screen, but it’s definitely too large: BEO NE140WUM-NY1

Do you know where to get the spec sheets for these displays?

I’m using panellook’s “compare” view, which also lists the connector pitch: user login

It looks like that one has a high chance of working since the pitch is 0.5mm and is a 4-lane 40-pin eDP

If you’re looking for something around that size, DIY perks used a 15.6" LCD in this video
user login

so that should be stronger confirmation for that screen in particular