Framework 13 Alternative Screens - B135QAN01.0

Hey all, I am posting my first set of review on my attempt to change the laptop lcd for my FW13. My specific want was a brighter screen, specifically because I like glossy screens (coming from a macbook) and I want to be able to deal with the reflections.

It seems there are many issues with trying to find a suitable screen. Some issues include:

  1. Physical dimension / aspect ratio - the screen needs to fit into the available space BUT ALSO not be too small such that the frame cannot hold it.
  2. Signal interface pins: 40-pin, 0.5 mm
  3. Pin / connector type. The specific connector for the LCD that Framework uses is 20455-040E-02. Not sure if MSAK24025P40G is connector compatible. I believe this is the connector used in the matte screen but I can’t confirm this
  4. PCB assembly - the fw screen uses slim, flat PCBA
  5. In production / availability - because compatibility without availability sucks.

This was the list of original options based on what is available / indicated on Panelook:

Many of the screens that fit one criteria did not seem to fit the others. Based on that, and searching for actual options on Panelook, these are the 2 options available(including the 2 from BOE that i believe is what Framework is using):

I went ahead and ordered the B135QAN01.0 and P130ZZA-BZ1. Unfortunately, the shipment came with the BQ135QAN but not the P130ZZA(they sent a another model and claimed it to be the same, so i am trying to get them to replace this).

So, from here i will be talking about the replacement of the original screen with the BQ135QAN screen

  1. I bought a spare Framework 13 display cable so that I would not have to yank the original one out of the original screen
  2. Plugging in the FW13 display cable to the LCD was easy. It would suggest looking at the guide if you’re not sure
  3. I then followed the FW13 screen replacement guide and changed over the original screen with the new one
  4. I started the laptop prior to reassembling, and it worked correctly, so i started the reassembly. Here I encountered several issues
  5. Firstly, the cable is just a tad bit short. It is only long enough to route correctly to the connector of the original LCD. In this LCD, the connector is slightly more to the right, this it was a stretch to then route the cable correctly. It does work, just something to be mindful off in other circumstances.
  6. The whole LCD is not as large as the space available for the LCD on the housing / backframe. So, pulling the cable to route it correctly basically causes the screen to slant in its spot. This is obvious, and I had to cut some thin pieces of plastic and add them to each side to center the screen.
  7. The PCB length of the new LCD is longer than the original one, and thus overlaps into an area meant for the bottom part of the frame holder. Specifically, these are areas marked ground(see pictures). I’m not sure if there is something I can do about this. Since I left it as is, this means that the frame holder will not sit flush. Its still mostly usable.
  8. I tried removing the frame holders from behind the original screen but decided against trying to stick it to the new screen. I think you can get away without it but you will risk the whole assembly dropping if you drop the laptop. I may attempt to do it in the near future. The plates are 4.45 mm from the edge of the original, but given that the dimensions for each LCD is different, this measurement is not a reliable way to stick it to any other screen(Now that I think about it, I should have measured the distance between the 2 plates, which probably is a better way to determine where the plates need to go).

Overall though, I can’t really yet tell of this screen is better than the other. The image feels a little more crisp, with no dead pixels or other issues. But i’ve yet to test it in brighter light and so I will probably share more later if i have more to say.

Note that I will not be recommending the online store that i purchased the screen from as they actively tried to hoodwink me on the second screen. I hope I don’t have to resort to my card provider to get help with this but if they decide to do the right thing I will post an update.

Below are some pictures I took in the process:

The whole new LCD(note that the bubbles are from me having taken off the plastic protector)

Plugged in the new screen before taking out the original screen

The back part of the LCD with a new FW13 display cable plugged in

Original LCD on top of new LCD. Note the silver GND section that juts out from the new screen. This part sits on one of the magnets

Original LCD on top of new LCD. Note the silver GND section that juts out from the new screen. This part sits on one of the magnets


I would be interested to know if any of the new screens you try have lower minimum brightness than the OEM screens. Is that info on the datasheets?

I believe the P130ZZA-BZ1 does indeed go lower on the lower-end of the dimming scale. However, I have yet to test this and also, it is smaller than the usual 13.5" screen and I’m not sure how well it will fit