What is considered, normal hinge woble?

Because this definitely doesn’t seem normal for a laptop.

Batch 4 framework here
This is may Framework on my lap and the display can’t stay upright for proper use.

I’ve heard that the hinges were improved in batch 6 and forward. Can anyone confirm? And would it be possible to get those new hinges? Thanks.

The last time I contacted Framework about this issue, they said it was “normal”. But this feels a bit too ridiculous to be normal.

Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks!

Got batch 2 here and mine doesn’t do that… even at an angle

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Hmm So looks like mine is a lemon.
I guess I should contact them again about the issue.
Only this time I’m out of the US for 4 months in a country Framework does not sell to by default.


Korea (saw your LED lamp), summer holiday?

Bingo. You live here too?

Nah, but my wife digs Korean drama & fashion & food…

Mine is batch 11 or so, and it behaves like a completely normal laptop hinge.

Just to add: What’s shown in the video is far from a wobble. It’s a complete flop.

It’s a defect, return it or contact support.

Mine seems to be just at the right stiffness to be able to lift the lid with one hand without bringing the body with it. I know this because I rested the front of my laptop on my finger and when opening the lid I felt it take almost all of the weight off of it.