AMD 13" and Thunderbolt 3 Dock - wake from sleep issue

Hi, I’ve got an AMD with the 3.03 BIOS, running Fedora 39, and aside from this one minor issue the machine is astonishing.

In short, I have a 4k monitor, external keyboard, mouse and webcam connected to a Caldigit Thunderbolt 3 dock. The monitor is connected over display port, and the rest are USB. The dock is connected to my Framework over a thunderbolt 3 cable to the right rear port. This setup works, which is awesome.

The issue is that if my machine goes to deep sleep (I’ve got it set to 2 hours idle) when it wakes up, the monitor works, but the USB devices don’t. I have to unplug the dock from my Framework and then plug it back in - then everything works.

I find it interesting that the monitor works on wake from deep sleep (it’s display port) but not the USB.

Anyway, I don’t know if this is a BIOS thing, or if it’s a Fedora linux thing. I waited for 39 to go out of beta before posting this here, but I updated last night and the issue persists, so here I am. I expect there will be questions to post logs and the like - you’ll have to give me instructions on that. I’m not familiar with logging on modern Linuxes, having spent a couple decades on macOS.


Seems to work fine for me running a similar setup but with Win11. TB3 works fine on the rear two USB4 slots. I’m thinking it’s a linux thing given that my 7840u works fine with Windows.

Which dock are you using? I gather that different docks have different behaviors, different ways they can act weirdly.

Also, it’s good to know it’s more likely a Fedora issue than a BIOS issue. But my previous laptop, an XPS13 running Fedora 38, did not exhibit this behavior. Perhaps it’s a regression?